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The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation believes everyone deserves a sporting chance. Our goal is to improve and expand the valley's sports opportunities through grants, scholarships and organizational support to athletes, coaches and other groups.

We also believe it is important to serve as an advocate — for improved facilities, for the kid who can't afford cleats, for the unsung heroes in the local sporting world. 

To accomplish these goals, we are dependent on community support in the form of sponsors and donors and in the form of our annual O'Terry's Sotball Tournament fundraiser.

“We’re in need of funds to be able to do what we do, in order to be able to help a team or an individual,” says Dan Kelly, Sports Foundation treasurer.

It takes just one gift to make a difference. Just one gift will help keep programs affordable and accessible to everyone. Just one gift will help ensure the community's healthy future.


There are several ways we carry out the Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation's mission. We provide scholarships to deserving athletes, coaches and officials. We seek grants to pay for sports and recreational facilities in the valley. We honor the coaching fraternity through our annual Coaches of Inspiration awards program. We offer organizational support to other nonprofits and agencies.

In recent years, we have played a large role in keeping the Special Olympics Washington in Wenatchee and helping other groups, such as the Live 4 Adventure kids race, get started.

Through our 501(3)C status, we've served as the pass-through fiscal agent for other group's grants and funds.

"Having that tax-exempt status allows groups to apply for grants and to have someone then handle their money," says Caryl Morrell, a Sports Foundation board member.

Some of our projects are so small and behind-the-scenes — such as providing money to parents so they can afford to send their child to a camp — that the community never hears it. That is OK. We just want to help.


Here are some nonprofits and agencies that currently rely on the Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation for organizational services:

  • Special Olympics Washington
  • Live For Adventure Race in Wenatchee
  • Clayton Holmes' Heroes for Hope
  • Wenatchee Parks and Recreation Department
  • Wenatchee Valley Sports Council

Here are some nonprofits that have been helped financially by the Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation in the past:

  • Wenatchee Valley United Soccer Club

  • Wenatchee Valley Velo Club
  • Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse
  • AAU Basketball
  • Wenatchee Amateur Hockey Association
  • Eastmont School District "Pay to Play' program


Sports Foundation kicks off major fundraising effort

The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation is excited to announce the kick-off of a major fundraising drive. Recently we have seen a dramatic change here in the Wenatchee Valley in the ability of our local governments to fund recreational needs. The same has occurred all around the country. But with demand increasing — and with the Valley becoming more and more a recreational hub — it is important to continue to help fund projects that are critical to the growth and development of our area's youth.

Regardless of your sports or recreational passion, this fundraising drive is designed to give you an opportunity to assist projects that are closest to your heart. For example, the Valley is in urgent need of more ball fields. The lack of ample soccer, baseball and softball fields for kids and adults alike is painfully obvious. That reality also limits the number of tournaments that draw out-of-area teams here, a critical component of sports tourism that many area businesses rely on. The Sports Foundation is supporting the Malaga Colockum Community Council’s efforts to construct an 11 acre park site along the Malaga-Alcoa Highway. Plans are to include 3 soccer/baseball field combos, a playground, picnic area and parking. Funding is already well underway with a $138,000 matching grant from Washington State and a $30,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation. Additional funds are needed to help make this important project a reality.

But that is just one of several opportunities available for donors. Trail stewardship, an off-leash dog park, aquatics construction/enhancement, Special Olympics Winter Games and program scholarships can also be earmarked. Or if you have another desire not listed on the donation form, you can specify that, and the funds will be directed accordingly.

The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization to which donations are tax deductible.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to “Provide a Sporting Chance for All”. Click here for our donation form, and thank you in advance for supporting the growth of sports and recreation in the Wenatchee Valley.


Community contributor: Live 4 Adventure
The Live 4 Adventure race has announced it raised more than $20,000 for local school groups from its recent June 2 event. Live 4 Adventure is an annual stage race for kids and adults held at Wenatchee's Triangle Park and Apple Bowl. The event raises money for kids' athletics and scholarships as well as school programs and school clubs in the Wenatchee Valley.
For more on Live 4 Adventure, visit http://www.live4adventure.org/


“We sent in an application for money, and they gave us $600. We used it for brushers, sliders and hacks, and that allowed us to get going.”
— Greg Sexton, Wenatchee Curling Club

“The (money for) training coaches, we were able to put that to immediate use. When the economy turned sour, we used some to provide financial help to kids who couldn't afford to join otherwise. It’s always been our policy that if you want to play, you’ll play. The foundation made that easy for us."
— Brad Schock, Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse


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